I have had way too much fun in this nursery! It actually ended up much more cluttered than I intended - that's what happens when you have too many ideas and not enough room for all of them (I didn't even do all that I wanted!) but I love love love it all the same. 

This room is a reflection of one of the major benefits of our move. There is no way I'd have had the time, energy or funds to create a room like this if Conner's job hadn't afforded us this little luxury. And while a cute room and MANY of the items in it are completely unnecessary for having a baby, the process of being creative, crafty, and nesty has helped me feel more connected to and prepared for our son. I know it's really made Conner happy too. The day he came home from work and saw the branch with Wesley's name hanging from it (the first craft I did) he told me it was exactly what he'd hoped for. Not the actual branch, but the fact that I could spend the time on quiet, creative projects for our kiddo. I say it all the time but it's these little things that we are both most grateful for. That has been a big theme during our time here in Texas: gratitude. 

I knew regardless of the baby's gender I wanted the nursery to have a loose PNW theme, especially once we learned of our move to Texas. Let's be honest, Wesley isn't going to remember his nursery, so it might as well be a little piece of my own home to make ME most comfortable and happy. :) Funnily enough, one day I asked Conner what he'd like to see in the nursery (overall I'd say decor is not something he cares about... at all) and he surprised me by answering, "I don't know. Maybe clouds?" Perfect! So trees and clouds and little woodland creatures with a muted palette and pops of color became the game plan. I'd intended to make a cloud mobile but it wasn't turning out so great. I still may make a second attempt, but the changing pad cover has clouds on it! 

Early on my parents offered up the crib my sister and I used when WE were babies if Conner and I wanted it. Not only was it great to receive something that'd normally cost several hundred dollars for free, but I also love the crib! After a brief concern about the drop-side (they're no longer made for safety concerns) we determined we were able to secure it and it wouldn't be an issue to use, and it's in perfect condition! It also closely matched the wood color on the one and only dresser I've had for my entire life and am finally upgrading from, so those two large pieces cost us nothing! 

Overall I'm very pleased with the room and can't wait to add the finishing touch to it: a baby! :D

Can you spot the naughty kitty who's trying not to be noticed? Dizzy LOVES this room, particularly the rocking chair. I even unknowingly locked her in the nursery closet for 14 hours overnight because she snuck in behind my back. She happily slept there and didn't make a peep until morning. 

This chair and ottoman were gifts from my mom and I LOVE them! It's super comfy and supportive. I hand sewed the tree pillow - not a forte of mine! But I love how it came out. :) 

Another little DIY project I enjoyed was his name hanging on the branch. I did this almost immediately after moving and, being the naive Oregonian I am, had NO idea how hard it would be to find a branch in Texas! We live RIGHT next to a lake but the tree branches are so flimsy! Jack and I spent several hours finding thing one. Then the actual craft was a bit tricky as well (I got super obsessive about making sure the letters were straight and evenly spaced) but it was totally worth it! 

My mom bought this sloth because we saw one together at the Dallas World Museum when she flew here with me in January. Apparently it made her think of Wesley. :) She also made the scarf and a super-cute hat that matches it! Also, I'm obsessed with the sheets!! 

Wesley already has nearly 40 books!

The closets in this house are SMALL, so some creative organization was needed. That's a closet door shoe rack! Thanks Pinterest!

Like I mentioned before, the room got a little bit cluttery! But I don't mind. :)

That dresser was the dresser I used for nearly 29 years! Also, gotta LOVE my Dad's creation hanging there!

I'm pretty proud of this silly thing. I looked on Pinterest for changing station organization and there's a different IKEA caddy all over the place, but it didn't come in a color I liked! I found this one in their laundry area for half the price (and it's larger), the diapers on top are in a plate drying rack (ha!) and the little buckets on the side and baskets were add-ons. It's filled with all sorts of diaper supplies and TONS samples I've received from various companies (all of the diapers and wipes in the caddy were even free!). 

I know these drawers will probably not look like this for long after Wes arrives, but some super cheap drawer organizers made putting away tiny baby stuff a lot easier!

One of my former coworkers, Katie, texted a picture of this midcentury side table before I moved. She'd found it on an app called Chairish and noticed it was in Dallas. I purchased it before even leaving Oregon and my first trip into the Dallas metro area was with Conner to pick it up. It's a bit of an oddball piece but it's actually pretty handy with the lack of storage in this big house! Thanks for the heads up Katie!!

Now all that's missing is a baby! 8 weeks to go!!