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By submitting this form you agree to the terms within. If you have any questions prior to signing please email Sarah at

Once submitted you will receive a copy of this contract via email within 24 hours.

This agreement is made as of *
This agreement is made as of
1. LEVEL OF SERVICE: The parties agree that Y11 will provide editing services for photographs provided by Client. Prior to making this agreement Y11 will have edited 5-10 images as an example of the work to be provided for the remaining gallery. These images will be included in the final editing fee should Client choose to book Y11’s services. *
2. PRICE & PAYMENT POLICY: Y11 will charge Client $0.75/image edited. Once the gallery is received by Y11 she will provide Client with an invoice for the full editing fee. When the images are complete Y11 will provide Client with a gallery of the edited images, and upon receipt of payment in full Y11 will make the the full-resolution images downloadable for Client. *
3. CANCELLATION: If Client cancels the editing services for any reason, Y11 shall send an invoice for any images already edited at the time of cancellation along with a gallery of those images for download. *
4. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Y11 will not have any contact with Client’s bride, groom or any other party, and any issue that arises regarding the services Client provides to Client’s bride/groom is of Client’s responsibility to handle. Y11 is not responsible for the storage of Client’s files. Should there be any loss of files due to hardware malfunction or physical damage to Y11’s equipment, Y11 is not to be held responsible for the loss. Client shall retain backups of his/her work. *
5. COMPLETION OF FINAL PRODUCT: The edited images will be provided within 7 days of the date in which Y11 received them. If additional images are added later, they will be finished within 7 days of the new date unless otherwise agreed upon. *