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Last weekend we received so many amazing gifts for Wesley! I ended up having to borrow an extra suitcase from my parents and check another FULL bag to get home but it was obviously well worth it! On Friday I emptied the gifts and laid them all out so Conner could properly see the amazing bounty we received...

First of all, one of my favorite touches was asking our guests to bring their favorite baby book in lieu of a card. These days, with the price of cards, baby books aren't really that much more expensive and they're much more practical! Now we have 28 books to start our little man's library! 28!! It was really fun seeing what people decided to bring and several harkened back to mine and Conner's childhood. Loved this! 

We also received several BEAUTIFUL homemade items like quilts, blankets, toys, hats and even a scarf (my mom is making sure Wesley will be prepared for the trips to Oregon she is looking forward to!). We got clothes (including swimwear - can't wait to swim with my little water baby who ALWAYS wakes up and moves a bunch when I'm in the tub!) toys, swaddles, a playmat, bath accessories, crib sheets, little Converse sneakers (anyone who knew me in my youth knows I basically lived in those - particularly my Sis who bought them for us!), an awesome diaper bag, a boppy (which didn't make it in this picture) and postpartum care items for me. And finally, we were graced with quite a few gift cards which allowed me to place one big order for the remaining items we needed - $650 worth of stuff - and I only had to pay $108 for it! We even still have a $150 Target gift card leftover! Here's some of the stuff I ordered with that money:

Ozzie thinks all of the baby's stuff is for him. Dizzy just wants the boxes it all comes in. :)

To say we feel incredibly blessed is a gross understatement. But beyond the gifts, what really meant the most to me was the support and love from the amazing people in our lives. We are so fortunate to have you all "by our sides" even from halfway across the country! We love you and appreciate you more than you know! 

Now I get to finally put the finishing touches on the nursery! I can't wait to share photos of it! I've had so much fun with that room. :) 



Wesley's Baby Shower!

Today I celebrated the upcoming arrival of my son with an wonderful group of women, and it was amazing! 

My mom and sister offered to throw me a shower months ago, and although I got to design the invitations (a random hobby of mine) pretty much everything was a surprise! My mom thoroughly enjoys keeping things from me in this way. :) As usual, though, they completely outdid themselves and put together a celebration that was totally my style!

The decorations, and there were many, were SUPER cute. The theme was PNW/Woodland Creatures, like my nursery back in Texas. A little bit of home here in my home state of Oregon! My mom and sister are SO crafty. ♡ And also on display was a piece my dad built for Wesley. A few months ago I was kidding around asking what he was going to build for his grandson (since my dad made an amazing marquee T for our wedding that we now display in our house) and of course he set to work making this special piece! He designed it on the computer and then cut and painted each piece. I love my talented Daddy and the special creations he comes up with! 

The snacks were tasty, and even they contained thoughtful touches, specifically the rainbow fruit skewers to celebrate my rainbow baby (I had to swallow a lump in my throat more than once looking at those!) The hedgehog cheeseball, raindrop cookies and acorn treats (from Linda!) were super cute too! 

Honestly, it was all so perfect. To be loved and supported by such a fantastic group of women is really special, and as I sit here in my childhood room with my baby happily kicking me in the ribs, I am left feeling very humbled, grateful and teary-eyed with joy!

To everyone who made today so special, both in person and in spirit, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. ♡ ♡ ♡

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